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Sinfesters' Pet Picture Post!
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2006 3:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


MsFrisby wrote:
Mouse, do you have a shower massage attachment on your shower, by any chance? Every cat I've bathed actually settled down a bit once you were gently spraying them with warm water. And I don't let the poor things run off afterwards by themselves. They get all cold and shivery. Thus, hating all future encounters with the bath. If you immediately wrap them in a towel and hold them on your lap, gently drying them off while securely wrapped in the towel the whole time, that's the best part for the cat. My cat Moo didn't leap into the shower with me, but she'd peek around the shower curtain and watch. Then, when it was her turn, she'd yowl, but settle down pretty quickly once I got the handheld shower going.

i don't, actually - never tried that. i was going to try my mom's technique - she would get two deep buckets, using one for soaping them up, and the other for rinsing them off - she said they would just hold on to the rim with their front paws, and she never had any problem with them. angelina kitten is facinated by me being in the shower (she'll poke her head around the shower curtain periodically when i take one, and usually when i finish and open the curtain, she's right there) - but the few times she's gotten in the way of the water, she's gotten back _out_ of the way right quick. but a hand-held would let you direct the water better and come in closer...hmmm, maybe i will add that to my list of Things I Want to do to the Bathroom. (although quite honestly, i figure unless they get into something real nasty, they are capable of handling the situation on their own.)

i learned when bathing dogs always to keep the bathroom door _shut_ until you have the critter pretty well toweled off - we used to have an irish setter who could get remarkably large areas of the house wet after a bath - between shaking, rubbing himself on the carpet, and just running around with his big wet feet.
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