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July 28, 2017: Paycheck 4
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 3:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Argus wrote:

PS: Well, here's maybe another point that compelled me to write it. Fun fact: in Russia, it's the opposition that thinks there's no way Putin could control Trump. Most of the opposition is of the opinion that there's nothing Putin could offer him, and even if he did, Trump would eventually back away from it due to the pressure of American government system. It's also the opinion of pretty much everyone here, on both sides, that so far, the current Russian government has gotten nothing but grief after Trump's election (with the government making dramatic faces and saying "But our hopes were so high! What a betrayal!", and the opposition smiling knowingly and saying "Told ya.")

I don't know how it really is - but that's just the opinion of the opposition here.

oh yeah, this. this is quite interesting. my feeling (and i suspect that of many others) was that putin would play trump like a fiddle, just by stroking his ego and dangling promises of Trump Tower Moscow (that's apparently something trump has wanted for quite a while, but that no one in russia would positively commit to). it is quite amusing that, in all probability, putin won't get much of anything he wanted (well, except that hillary isn't president) - not because putin didn't handle things properly, but because trump & co. handled it so badly it all blew up in his face, and now everyone is watching. it certainly sounds, for example, like trump would have been willing to roll back sanctions, but now congress is compelling him to increase them....all because his actions have prompted so many hearings, by so many people. if he had said from the start something like :"we have an outstanding intelligence community and i believe that they have indeed uncovered an attempt by russia to interfere with our election. we must get to the bottom of this and prevent it from every happening again. i believe that my appeal to the american people is such that i would have won in any event; i believe an investigation will bear this out and am eager to have such an investigation happen. i genuinely believe it would be best for both our countries if we could establish a better relationship with russia, and i am still going to work towards that, but of course the results of the investigation may require some adjustments in policy" - then people might have let him have a free hand (at least until it became too clear that he was putin's pawn). but being trump, he couldn't do it.

really, we should all be happy putin doesn't have a thing for ted cruz. hate to think what a cruz presidency would look like.
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