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by Tarod
Wed Aug 15, 2018 6:44 pm
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Topic: So, what should I expect?
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Radical feminists- feminists that know women are female human beings. No one here cares about male's delusions on gender. Trans desecrate the ghost of feminism. :roll: You are the one picking fights. That is a hell of a sweeping statement to make for rad fems everywhere. You insulted multiple poste...
by Tarod
Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:52 am
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Topic: How have we internalized gender roles?
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How have we internalized gender roles?

I was raised under toxic femininity. Love is obedience, you should never think of yourself first, anger and aggression are both shameful in any quantity. (This is why it drives me up a wall when I hear the term ‘ally’. Like the gender wars don’t mess up people with dicks.) I’m a people pleas...
by Tarod
Sun Jul 29, 2018 1:13 am
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Topic: So what other web comics do you follow?
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ErfWorld- man is stuck in a tabletop board game as a summoned tactician, so... low high phantasy? World building and plotting.

Order of the Stick- story of an adventuring party on quests. Lots of 4th wall breaking humer.

Gaia- too complicated to suciantky explain. Goes for fantasy realism.

xkcd- a webcomic about math, romance, science, and language. Very famous, graph jokes with citations.

Wilde Life- Just some guy in some ordinary town with ordinary people with super powers. Slow burnner

Penny Arcade- funny gaming comic. I like the blog posts, too. Learn new words there.

Mare Internum- “-says you’re smart, driven, passionate…â€￾ ‘I am!’ “You’re a strong personâ€￾ ‘So why do you hate me?’ “You S P O I L E R S- -to come to Marsâ€￾ “A strong person like you, you didn’t have to hurt them.â€￾

Miamaska- girl is lost in world where people from other worlds keep showing up bringing diseases or ideas. All such people hear what people mean when they talk, and are heard that way. VERY dangerous. Played totally straight.

Pictures of you- the best friends you’ll ever forget. Man recalls his glory days.

Sorcery101- completed. Owing his life to a famously dickish vampire, he’s not aging, and his kid’s old enough to notice things, and, shit, the werechild he was babysitting bit one of his students.

Wondermark-very cleaver, very funny. Random people have a dialog most of the time.

The Property of Hate- “What’s this? It’s cute!â€￾ ‘Thats a lie’ “Is it dangerous?â€￾ ‘It can be’ “its so small...â€￾ ‘they grow fast’

WhiteNoise- Supernatural racism and war. Our protagonist is a refugee currently.

TheenD worth reading just for the outrageous story in the hover text. Accidental human abduction, but humans are already a major force in space. This does not bode well for earthlings.

Devoto:Music in Hell- Completed. Gay, Chatholic space opera. The angels are programs. Great art, and when Pride and Wrath fight with words, it’s shockingly vicious.

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal- Complete. Road trip, slow burning romance, a little sex in it.

Excercism Academy- Soldier Even’s demon is to old to have fallen for the trap and to strong TO trap. Sexy smart smut, if a little cliche.

Namesake- Alice, Wendy, Jack, Cinderella... the stories are stuck on repeat.

Stand Still Stay Silent- It’s 90 years after a disease that turns those that don’t die into trolls destroys almost all mammal life. An expedition to find books and explore the old world. Beautiful art.

A Tale of Two Rulers- Zelda and Ganondorf have a political marriage to avoid war. Clean, not really a romance. Played pretty straight.

Monster Pulse- ‘ghost’ enters girls heart, and it rips out of her becoming something like an elephant. Yes, hiding this from your parents was smart. There will be no consequences. Where’d that ghost come from?

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things- Comander Badass rebels against the spacefuture marines! By running a temp agency that helps reintegrate Duke Nukum and other movie/video game people back into society. Pretty funny, pokes fun at toxic masculinity.

Last Halloween- it’s the apocolips, and little Mona is having none of it! Horror/comedy. It’s like Daria and 7even has a baby

Sketical- cute BL story about some teens. Strictly pg romantically, some violence of late. Mostly adorable

Autophobia- fear of being alone with your thoughts. Sweet, pg13 romance, is not the focus though.