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Re: Hello, I must be going.

Post by SinfestMWP » Fri Jun 21, 2019 10:45 am

So, this is not a productive response. You're argument is based on misunderstanding how statistics work. You're cross comparing geographic data to identity data as a boolean (the whole notion of getting traits down to a set of boolean values is laughably reductive to me, but that's really the only way this type of analysis works). If you want to have a productive conversation it would be to compare relative rates in specific locales where it happens. You're also neglecting any sampling bias that you'll have when you look at how/why crimes are reported and why men might be over represented in data collection/sampling practices.

Now before you go saying I'm moving goal posts- I'm not the original person commenting, and I don't think that what you're saying doesn't have some echoes of truth. I think there is value in doing more detailed examination of who is the victim of violence. I think it would be prudent to not lump all people who transition into one data point but instead to examine whether it is directed at MTF or FTM transitions and then to examine the setting in which the violence occured and whether that violence was motivated by gender identity. This something that I think should be done to the male and female violence per capita numbers you are throwing out as well.

This all to say, that those statistics don't tell me anything, and I could easily poke holes in methodology or data gathering to justify any narrative (RadFem, trans activists, and even MRA).

Thanks for providing some sources on what you're reading, it is always nice to broaden my horizons and hear what other people are saying. I think it is a relatively productive conversation that is being had here, and I'm surprised at how much listening is happening instead of boxing out people who don't quite understand what the current message of the comic is.

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Re: Hello, I must be going.

Post by Pseu.dough.name » Sat Jun 22, 2019 2:06 am

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Wed Jun 19, 2019 6:58 pm
well you can't come here and state some bullshit and expect no push back either, buddy. so get off your high horses, idc about men getting their feelings hurt over a webcomic critizing those dumb made up pronouns and all the rebranded sexism that comes with it. they just come here to thrown a tantrum because they know it's true. otherwise why would they care? just go read another webcomic that pander to your delusion. in real life there's more women getting deplataformed, threatened, assaulted and killed because they don't believe a dude can be a woman than there is trans people dying from "misgendering". get a grip and give us a break.
I'm sorry but you seem to be making a false claim. If you really have data showing more gender critical feminists being murdered than the 360+ trans people and enbies who were murdered last year, I'd be very interested to see it.
Yeah, sorry you had to twist my words around and still manage to be wrong. I said WOMEN, not only "gender critical feminists", which I haven't even mentioned with that terminology. And I said trans people dying by "misgendering", which I'm sure is not the reason MEN kill them or they unfortunatelly kill themselves - it has more to do with homophobia and self-hatred.

But anyways, here's the proof of my claims thought I doubt it'll change a thing for you especifically, but it's worth sharing anyways:

“We’ll take 1.95 million Americans. If we figure how many trans people are victims of murder a year as a percentage, that figure is 0.0013%. Per capita, that’s a ratio of 1.3 trans people murdered per 100,000. The murder rate of women in the US is triple that, and of men, quadruple. Even with an extremely conservative estimate of 0.1% of the US population (or 325,000 trans people), we have a murder rate of 8.3 per 100,000. The murder rate of Chicago is twice that conservative figure at 16.02 people murdered per 100,000. In terms of gross numbers — that’s 11,535 murders of male Americans, and 3,292 murders of female Americans in 2017. 27 is small potatoes. That is not a murder epidemic — in fact it’s a murder rate per capita lower than Canada. It certainly doesn’t mean that there’s an ‘epidemic of transphobic violence’. That’s not something to campaign about — you’ve got it better than literally everyone else. Even if we use the Human Rights Campaign estimate of 750,000 trans people, which is half the 0.6% number, we get a murder rate of 2.7 per 100,000. That’s not a high murder rate. That’s lower than every other demographic in the US." (source: https://medium.com/@sue.donym1984/inaut ... 8eb6aa1a4b)
I looked at the article you sited. The figure of 1.95 million Americans, and the 0.0013% that follows on from that is appears to be in reference to a 0.6% prevalence of transgender individuals in the US based on the "Williams Foundation". I do not see a reference for that statistic from the paper from the "Williams Foundation" on said article.

I also looked at that site and took a look at the articles posted on it and noted of the articles I looked at that referenced transgender-ism, those articles were written as critical of transgender-ism. From what I did see they seem to be written from the point of view that "transgender-ism" is gay effeminate men that subsume or have forced on them the identity of being a woman. Pronouncements of an "authority" on a subject that they are critical of should be viewed with an equally critical eye. They also have a view of transgender-ism that appears to be at odds to the same Human Rights Campaign (HRC) that they pluck the number of 750,000 trans people from. To quote HRC, "Being transgender does not imply any specific sexual orientation" (source)

Your proof changes nothing for me based on those reasons.

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Re: Hello, I must be going.

Post by Zhathil » Sat Jun 22, 2019 6:38 am

Pseu.dough.name wrote:
Sat Jun 22, 2019 2:06 am
Your proof changes nothing for me based on those reasons.
Why are you even here? All these same day registrants that make one post to argue how bad the Radical Feminists are on a RadFem forum and will only accept proof from pro-TRA sources that supports their views. I'm sure there's some place on Reddit where you can post anime memes and talk your 'girl dick' instead of being here.
Not the nice kind of feminist.

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