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What if scenarios

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2020 4:30 pm
by Anise
If Tats give you the free reign to add or write Sinfest the way you want to, how would it look like?
This question popped up in my mind so I like to see anyones answer to it will be.

Re: What if scenarios

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2020 2:00 am
I, particularly, wouldn't change a thing... the ideas he conveys in his comic are really well put and, as a radical feminist, I agree with those. He seems to have read a lot of Andrea Dworkin, Sheyla Jefrey's, Audrey Lorde and other radical feminist writers. Also, he sometimes seems to be able to predict the future - I mean, look at the MMXX series and compare it to our awful 2020 and how it seems messed up, especially because we have incompetent world leaders "ru(i)nning it" - so, I'm as very freaked by his hability to make updated social commentary as I'm excited to see it as well! Idk what the future brings but I sure wanna see tat show us his 2 cents throught sinfest. I think I would've criticized gender ideology more openly earlier? But at the same time I know he has to follow a timeline and show his idea in his own step-by-step development so I really wouldn't change a thing.

Re: What if scenarios

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2020 8:24 am
by Russly
I've definitely wanted to see stuff like other ways to become a devil person or how to become a Johnbie. Why was the prostitute who got saved not a female 'Johnbie' like the handmaiden? One interest primarily is in whether you can go back to being a normal human. I'd like to see more of the mechanics behind Sleaze or Nique's Shadow. A ton of this stuff is still either loopholes or retconned. If I had my way, I would figure out where to steer the comic so that any potential retcons are addressed so that continuity is made between the pre feminist and post feminist sides. I don't want the comic to go back to being what it was, but I do appreciate that some original humor is still blended in at times. For instance, it took on the role of humor aimed at the pandemic when the time was right. (A job usually done by, say, South Park, but corona started in their off season.)