Radfem and the misfires

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Radfem and the misfires

Post by havocsmom » Tue Nov 27, 2018 12:02 pm

Hello, back, needed to think

If your only definition of a feminist is a reproductively viable cis-gender woman, then I made a mistake. I do get the "I get all the badges" from some transgender folks, but that's not everyone.

I'm not reproductively viable. Haven't been for decades. I was raised in a violent household and I knew that I would perpetuate the cycle of violence.
I was the favorite child and I was exposed to violence mostly as a successful stratefy.

So. instead, I love and support the children I'm related to and know and....I have dogs.
The great thing about having dogs (especially big dogs) is that they will be your children forever until they die.

So, from an evolutionary standpoint, I am what Jean Donaldson calls a "misfire". If you are a carnivore, you have us "misfires" to thank for herds of sheep and cattle. If you are an herbivore, you have us to thank for your big fields of whatever grain you're eating not being eaten by the birds.

Anyway, much love to all,

Gaia is angry

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Post by October » Wed Nov 28, 2018 5:01 am

Good morning,

I'm not sure where your "reproductively viable" requirement idea came from. I don't even have all of the physical parts required, thanks to life-threatening reproductive disease. I never wanted nor had children. No radical feminist has ever made me feel lesser, non-feminist, or remotely inadequate over these facts. Nor have I seen any woman treated that way by radfems for those reasons.

However, I feel comfortable saying that most radfems (including me) don't appreciate the term 'cis'. It's offensive and untrue. The word we use is female.
"Because as we all know... there is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself!" -Hannah Gadsby

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