So what other web comics do you follow?

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Post by jam3 » Tue Sep 25, 2018 8:45 am

Penny Arcade
Sluggy (I wouldn't but I started it at the beginning)
(I stopped OGLAF because of the unhealthy view towards sexuality and Darth and Droids because they seemed to have lost it after doing the prequels/originals)
Questionable Content

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Post by muki » Thu Oct 04, 2018 1:59 pm

I tend to prefer slow-moving webnovels over joke comics, but there are some exceptions.

Subnormality -
Also a fan here! Goregeous artwork and nice characters. As others have said, updates are sparse, but there's a nice archive of stuff to go through.

Stand Still Stay Silent -
Some of the best art I've seen in a webnovel. The environments are highly detailed and atmospheric, and the story engaging! On haitus this month but should start the next chapter soon.

Dresden Codak -
Updates only come one page every one or two months, but are rich with detail. Science fiction, fantasy, philosophy and mystery all rolled up!

He is a Good Boy -
By the same creator of Gunshow ('this is fine' dog). A very strange story about an anthropomorphic acorn trying to find his way in life. A lot of gore and language, so NSFW, but more complex and expressive than webcomics with a similar "simple" style usually are. Switches between surreal/silly and heart-wrenching with ease, I find.

Go Get a Roomie! -
Okay this is a weird one. It starts off way back as your typical early 2000's pervy webcomic (at least visually), but if you stick with it, quickly evolves into a slice of life with a group of wonderful characters! The art style gets much better, too. And less gratuitous. Still NSFW for (eventually tasteful) nudity and language. One of my absolute favorites! LGBT-friendly!

Headless Bliss -
Same creator as GGaR. Hard to describe this one. Dreamlike surreal fantasy with amazing artwork! Something like Moebius, meets Philemon, meets Jodorowsky, meets Go Get a Roomie? Take a gander at this spoiler-free sampling:

Mare Internum -
Beautifully drawn sci-fi webnovel about the planet Mars and it's mysteries. Great characters! Slightly NSFW for some language.

Sufficiently Remarkable -
Slice of life type webcomic with great characters and art. And the absolutely wonderful color palette! Overall, often reminds me of some of Naoki Urasawa's mangas, at least in tone/feeling. Occasional NSFW language.

Johnny Wander stories.
Lucky Penny is a good place to start.
Kind of Bryan Lee O'malley-ish slice-of-life.

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Post by havocsmom » Tue Oct 23, 2018 1:25 pm

Questionable Content - super great characters and a fun universe

Table Titans - because, games

Gunnerkrig Court - love the art, the mythology and the characters

Weregeek - Again, because games AND a female creator

Order of the Stick - female paladin riding a shark FTW

PvP - like Sinfest, has evolved a LOT over the years

Can't wait to check out the other recommendations!
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